I welcome clients of all ages, body types and ethnicities. Disabled clients are absolutely encouraged to book. 

Please do not feel the need to even disclose your point of difference when enquiring, unless you feel more comfortable doing so. 

I require a 20% deposit to be made to secure all bookings. This payment can be made discreetly via commonwealth deposit atm or via EFT for your convenience. 

The remainder of your booking fee must be in cash and handed to me in an unsealed envelope directly after we greet each other. 

Deposits are non refundable in the event that you cancel less than 48 hours prior to your booking. For more considerate notice, a booking credit will be available for you to use at some point in a 6 month window. On the extremely rare occasion that I have to reschedule, you will be given a choice of a refund or booking credit. 

I am a full time student and a low volume worker.

This makes it almost impossible for me to accept short notice bookings unless I am touring – in which case my availability is usually very slim.

Please be respectful of this and organise to make your booking well in advance. I really favour bookings made as with as much notice as possible. Clients who understand this are my favourites, and I take special care to make everything absolutely perfect and to their tastes.

On the rare occasion that I have last minute availability, it will be advertised. You are able to subscribe to my Scarlet Blue and Available Angels profiles to receive discreet notifications of my last minute availability.

I am every bit as comfortable seeing female clients as I am seeing male clients! 

Ladies enjoy special rates, as listed in my services. 

Rest assured that your privacy is of the utmost importance to me. It is a cornerstone of my business. If you indicate that it is best to communicate via email or text only at certain times in relation to booking arrangements, you can be secure in the knowledge that I will ALWAYS be mindful of this. 

A valid mobile number must be verified prior to the booking for security reasons, but this will be done at a time that suits you and initiated by you. 

The most important consideration is hygiene. As we will be getting very, very close, it’s essential that you shower thoroughly on arrival at my incall.

Mouthwash and mints are always provided. If you are a smoker or just feel that you need it, a brand new toothbrush will be provided for your convenience. 

Please understand that gifts are completely unnecessary. If you are visiting me at my incall, I will provide something nice for us to sip on to break the ice. If you have booked a longer engagement, snacks will also be provided.

The only other thing that I ask is that you respect my private time by finishing the booking  within the time you have requested my company for, including social and showering time. If you wish to stay longer, you are more than welcome to request a booking extension. If I am able, I will happily facilitate.

Also, keeping contact to the minimum required for bookings, or a brief thankyou text or email is paramount. Let’s just enjoy the time in which we are together! 

Marcella Romaine
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